DOB: April 30, 1993

Hometown: New York City by way of Kingston, Jamaica

Favorite Breakfast:  Ackee and Saltfish with ripe Breadfruit and fried dumplings

Who are your Heroes:  Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nanny Of The Maroons, Nina Simon, Nelson Mandella

Backpack or Duffle bag: Backpack

What’s on your nightstand?  My spliff and headphones

My Pet Peeve: Poor customer service

What’s the best advice I’ve ever been given?  Make sure to get an education.

Favorite Artist: Sade

What’s the best gift you ever received? Life

Chris Matic is a Jamaican-American rapper, singer and songwriter.

Born Christopher Orlando McClymont in Kingston, Jamaica on April 30, 1993, Christopher was raised by his strict-Jamaican Mother and Aunts.

He moved often from parts of Kingston and Spanish Town to escape the mayhem and violence of the poverty stricken country. Sometimes living in conditions without a stove or electricity, Christopher found peace in music.

Christopher credits his rough childhood for his love of all genres of music and cites Marvin Gaye and Sade as his favorite Artists.

His passion materialized in 7th Grade in Portmore when he began recording himself making harmonies, singing and rapping into a tape recorder. His friends gave him the name “Matic” for his electric delivery and melodic voice.

At age 14, Christopher immigrated to Toms River, New Jersey to live with his Mother. He immediately gravitated to Brooklyn, New York where he was determined to build his musical career by saving his school money to record Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop demos.

One year later in 2010, Chris produced his first self-release, a freestyle and music video over Rick Ross “BMF” beat – Chris renamed “BMF” to “Bad Mon Forever” – the song caught the attention of “Q” from World Star Hip Hop who later featured Chris Matic as WSHH International Artist of the Week.

Chris followed up with “Rather Be With You” inspired by his first teenage love. His third release was “High High”, a Reggae song featuring his friends from Jamaica, Reggae veterans Junior Reid and Young J.R.

Chris continued to write and record songs while shooting and editing his own music videos until he caught the eye of music industry veteran Damion “D Roc” Butler from the Christopher “Notorious BIG” Wallace and Bad Boy Entertainment family with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

D Roc signed Chris Matic as the first Artist to his new record label,

I.B. Music., named from the “Invisible Bully” moniker Notorious BIG gave him and cited in the 1994 “Flava In ya Ear” Remix.  Chris Matic’s first official release on I.B. Music is slated for Q1 2018.

When Chris is not making music, he enjoys playing futbol (soccer) and previously played in the Mosa U23  Futbol League. Chris is a Pescatarian and routinely cooks his own meals.